Dear Climate Denier

This is the premiere of a new segment for the show called Dear Climate Denier. Our guest today is Matt Russell, an environmental consultant and a good friend of mine and he’ll join us each week to discuss one or two standard climate denial topics so you’ll be ready the next time you hear those talking points come up. And, most importantly we’ll talk about the best approach for talking to your nearest and dearest climate deniers. How can you stand your ground on climate change and offer up some facts without getting into a screaming match.

The History of Climate Change Denial

Normally Dear Climate Denier will be a quick little segment of the show but for this episode we’re going to do a deep dive on it. The best place to start is by taking a look at the history of climate science and climate change denial. We’ll also discuss some of our favorite examples of climate deniers going off the rails. 

Planet of the Humans

Michael Moore released a new movie called Planet of the Humans on Earth Day this year. It attacks renewable energy, biomass, Bill McKibben and the environmental movement in general. It’s full of outdated information and unsupported conclusions. Unfortunately a lot of the points that the film makes are the exact same things that climate deniers were saying about renewable energy 10 years ago. We’ll talk about that a little bit today but we’ll go into depth on the movie in the next episode..  

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The History of Climate Change Denial
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