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Each episode of How to Stop Climate Change features an interview with someone who is working hard to fight climate change. Sometimes it seems like no one is doing anything to stop climate change but there are thousands of people that are working on the problem. They might devote their career to the fight. They might commit some of their free time. If you’re worried about climate change and you want to do something about it this is the show for you.

David Butler

Host | Keaton’s Dad

Head of Sustainability at Alltech, a global agricultural biotech company.

Board Member – Bluegrass Greensource

Founder – Solar Kentucky

Podcaster – Clean Power Planet renewable energy podcast




Keaton Butler

Producer | Sound Designer | David’s Daughter

Audio Engineer


Producer – Clean Power Planet renewable energy podcast



Matthew Russell

Cohost | Research

Environmental Compliance Consultant

Based in Ireland, I have a passion for the outdoors; walking my dog, fishing, horse riding, running and hiking.  My desire to protect the environment is driven by my childhood living in the rich, beautiful Irish countryside.

Over the years, I have worked all over the world with food, feed and chemical companies helping with everything from fundraising at start-up level to process improvements in large multinationals.

I love to work with teams that focus on quality, safety, environmental management and overall corporate social responsibility programs. All of these challenges should be approached with optimism, a clear understanding of the problem and a team empowered to think creatively and carry out corrective actions that are driven by data and verifiable results.  Above all else, however, I believe we need to be the change we want to see.



Anand Iyer

Digital Marketing | SEO

Digital Marketer

YouTuber, Blogger


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