Our guests today are Ty and Brock Benefiel, brothers and hosts of The Climate Pod podcast. Ty is co-founder and CEO of Hero Power, a company that allows electricity customers in Illinois to choose renewable energy over fossil fuel energy when they pay their utility bill. They plan to expand into 13 states. Brock is a journalist, podcaster, and Director of Marketing at Hero Power.

Some states allow utility customers to choose who supplies their power. This means that the local utility is responsible for maintaining the grid and distributing the electricity to customers. They also do the billing. But other companies are allowed to supply the electricity and consumers can choose which company they want to provide that electricity. Hero Power is one of those suppliers but they’re a little different than most. They buy electricity on the market and resell it but they also buy renewable energy credits to offset every kilowatt of power that they sell. So, people that sign up with Hero Power are generating demand for renewable energy without paying a penny more than they would otherwise.


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