Annette Olson - Climate Steps founder

Annette Olson – founder of

Dr. Annette Olson started her career as a field biologist studying the social behavior of the long-nosed mongoose on a remote island in West Africa. But a civil war in Sierra Leone brought an end to her mongoose studies and started her off on a 30-year career working for federal agencies and nonprofits in Washington, D.C. Now she is building Climate, her own nonprofit organization with a mission to supply people with impactful personal, social, and political actions to fight climate change. It’s a great interview. We covered a lot of topics, including:
  • Are they called mongeese or mongooses?
  • Are individual climate actions worthwhile?
  • The problems with some of the most commonly recommended climate actions
  • What climate steps have the biggest impact and how to find the right climate steps for you
  • The importance of discussing your climate actions with your friends and family


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Annette Olson strings net to catch mongooses

Dr. Annette Olson stringing a net to catch mongooses

Dr. Annette Olson holding a long nosed mongoose

Dr. Annette Olson holding a long nosed mongoose

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