Natascha Glanzer-Fuerst, eXXpedition crew member

Natascha Glanzer-Fuerst – Austrian zero-waste advocate, feminist and eXXpedition crew member

Our guest today is Natascha Glanzer-Fuerst an Austrian zero-waste advocate and feminist who was a crew member with eXXpedition, an organization that leads all-female scientific voyages around the world dedicated to exploring the impact of plastic and toxic pollution in our oceans and working to solve the problem.  You might have noticed the odd spelling of eXXpedition. The XX stands for the female double X chromosomes. Hundreds of women from diverse backgrounds and professions have sailed with eXXpedition since it was founded in 2014. 

So, why are the crews all female? Natascha explains that in the episode.



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