Matt Russell joins us again for our second episode in a two part series about climate denial. This week we’re focusing on Planet of the Humans, the new movie from Michael Moore, Jeff Gibbs and Ozzy Zehner. The filmmakers aren’t climate change deniers but they are very critical of renewable energy and a lot of the arguments that they bring up in the film are incorrect talking points and myths that climate change deniers used 10 years ago. Deniers are ecstatic to have an influential liberal documentary filmmaker like Michael Moore reviving these points. It provides them with a lot of ammunition that they can use as they work to slow the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. 

Overall the film is a poorly-researched and often incorrect indictment of nearly every aspect of the green movement, from technologies to organizations to leaders. We’re not going to dive into every topic that is covered in the film. We’ll take a look at the questions it raises around the following:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Electric cars
  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars
  • Green business
  • Population growth
  • Consumerism

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