Jay Siegel - Sustainability Defined

Jay Siegel, Cohost of Sustainability Defined

Our guest today is Jay Siegel, co-host of Sustainability Defined, a podcast that takes on the rather intimidating goal of defining sustainability, one topic and one bad joke at a time. Each episode of Sustainability Defined explores an area of sustainability in great depth and then finishes up with an interview with an expert in that space. It’s such a good resource that it has made its way into the course curriculum at Duke, Penn State and other fine universities. 

When Jay isn’t podcasting he works as an urban infill real estate developer so he has first hand experience with a lot of the complicated sustainability issues around buildings and cities.

Here are just a few of the topics that we discussed with Jay.

  • How to build a sustainability career when it’s not yet part of your day job
  • Urban infill: can we reduce sprawl while minimizing the negative impacts of gentrification?
  • The carbon footprint of buildings and cities
  • Kanye’s Presidential bid

We’ll include a clip from Sustainability Defined at the end of this episode, so stick around.


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