I am myself a small business owner and often find myself wearing many hats, and I’m always running around like a chicken with its head cut off mostly trying to just keep the business afloat and manage all of the various aspects of the business. And so when you want to then add sustainability on top of that, it feels very much like oh my god, just one more thing to do. ~Samantha Richardson

Samantha Richardson is the author of Ethical Profit: A Guide to Increasing Profit Using Sustainable Business Practices. She’s also the founder and CEO of Ethical Profit Accounting Agency, specializing in helping small businesses with a social or environmental mission get a handle on their finances so they can better understand their cash flow and finances. With this information, they are able to make smarter business choices to help fuel their growth.

Here are some of the topics that we covered with Samantha:

  • Myths that persist around sustainable business like the idea that it’s too expensive to operate sustainably
  • Small and large steps that businesses can take to become more sustainable and all of the benefits that they can gain from doing so. 
  • What are B Corps and why is it that they can be even more profitable than businesses that are strictly focused on profit
  • How a focus on short term profit can cost a business more in the long run (for example the infamous Ford Pinto)
  • How Samantha brought Quidditch to Australia

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